Dr. Jennifer Beutel,  Director of Great Beginnings Preschool

Dr. Jennifer Beutel
Director, Great Beginnings Preschool

Dear Parents,

On behalf of Great Beginnings Staff, we want to welcome you and your child to our program. Whether attending the ECSE program, tuition classroom or peer program, we are excited to partner with you in the education of your child. Our goal is to assist you in the further development of your child through research-based intervention, collaboration, communication and consistency. We hope to further develop partnerships with each of you to meet the unique needs of your child.

My office is always open to you; do not hesitate to call me or any staff member should you have questions or concerns about your child, his or her program and services, or the program in general. We are here to partner with you! Feel free to call me at 816.858.5420, extension 2201, or email me at [email protected]. Or just come by the school!

Thanks for partnering with us for all the Little Pirates of Platte County Schools!